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Genka Petrichenko is an old acquaintance, now a prominent rank in the prosecutor's office. After talking with him for about five minutes, I already knew more of the morning viewers and announcers, but still not enough CasinoSenligneca. Few!

Sveta's body was discovered at five in the morning. The female janitor went to work, wanted to sweep early and leave for the country. Passing through the landings behind the bus station, this janitor stumbled upon Sveta. Two shots to the heart, the third to the head. The first one was fatal. There are no signs of violence. There are no handbags. Or maybe some tramp stole it, forgetting to report it to the police. Shot not here, but somewhere else. The body was thrown here later, apparently brought in a car. All, perhaps.

I wanted to smoke. I put my finger in the pack - it's empty. Go and take a walk at the same time; bad, bad heart.



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