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What To Expect

I signed up to deliver, but now what?

Delivering to a Family

Since a lot of our families do not have reliable transportation or consistent housing, delivery is an integral part of our program offerings. Here's what to expect after you sign up:

1. When you arrive a Moms Making Moves (M3) Board Member will check you in.

2. You will meet your delivery point of contact and they will give you your assigned route. At this time we will get your phone number and give you your M3 point of contact's number. This person will be here to assist if you run into any problems with delivery.

3. Once all items are ready for your families, you will drive around to the front of the building and we will load your vehicle. You are now ready to go!

4. All families have been contacted and are waiting for their delivery. Once you have located your family, you can either (a) ring the doorbell/knock on the door and wait for the family to answer. Then hand items to the family directly. OR (b) ring the doorbell, leave the items outside, and wait for them to answer. OR (c) ring the doorbell and leave the items outside. The preference is A or B, but if there aren't any other options just let us know that you chose option C.

5. Repeat for all of your families

6. Once you have delivered all of your items, text your M3 contact to confirm completion. 

​Delivery Routes

- Typically we will retain the same families throughout the year. This makes it easier to ensure we have the right location, families know what to expect, and that volunteers feel a little more comfortable.


- All routes will have up to 5 families that live in the same area. If there isn't a unit number, the family lives at a house. Unless otherwise noted, all routes are no more than 10 -15 miles from the meeting location.

- When you receive your route, you will have the family's last name, family number, address, and language spoken.

Common Questions

Q: What do I do if the family is not home?

A: Depending on the delivery and your comfort level, you can leave items outside. If you are not sure that is the best idea, contact your M3 point of contact.

Q: My M3 point of contact is not answering

A: Sometimes it is easier to text because there may be a lot going on. If you are not getting a response you can also call or text the main M3 number (803) 620-3287

Q: I drove to the house and do not feel safe. What should I do?

A: Our number one priority is your safety. If you feel unsafe or see something where someone else seems to be unsafe, call 9-1-1. If you feel uncomfortable delivering to the location, please contact


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