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Frequently Asked Questions

Is moms making moves a 501(c)3 organization?
Yes! Moms Making Moves is a tax exempt nonprofit organization. 
If I make a donation now will it be tax deductible? 
Yes. If you would like to deduct the value of your gift to Moms Making Moves, please ask for a receipt at the time of the donation. 
What happens during a meal delivery and is it safe for me and my family? 
After meals are made, volunteers take to the streets to pass out meals or deliver the meals to homes. Passing out uptown is very safe! We have volunteers from ages 4- 74 who come to passout. To make sure all volunteers feel safe, we always ask that you remain with at least one other person. If you are ever in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, it is always ok to speak up.
Passing out to homes is even easier. Drivers will be given a list of homes to deliver to (all in the same vicinity). Families will have already received a text reminder that you will be coming. You will have their contact info in case you have questions for them. When the time comes, you go to the home, knock on the door, and hand them their food. Its that simple :)
Why did Moms Making Moves decide to become an official nonprofit organization rather than continuing as a community volunteer group? 
As the group expanded, we began to experience a need for larger donated spaces to hold events. Many organizations will only provide free spaces for official nonprofit organizations. In addition, many local businesses have expressed an interest in supporting us through financial or in-kind donations, however, were unable to do so because we were not an official nonprofit organization. Being a documented nonprofit opens many doors to our group and will help us to reach more homeless and at risk individuals in the Greater Charlotte area. 
Do I have to be a "Mom" to participate in Moms Making Moves events?
No. All individuals are welcome to participate in our events unless otherwise specified in the event materials. 
Are kids welcome at Moms Making Moves events?
Yes. Children are always welcome. Some events will feature complimentary child care, however most events do not. Please refer to event materials for more details, or email us with questions
If I make a donation to Moms Making Moves, how will my money be used?
Any funds that are donated go directly to support our programming. Moms Making Moves is entirely volunteer led. Operational costs are funded by donations from the community and by the board of directors. 
Can my group or workplace partner with you for an event, drive, or fundraiser?
Absolutely! We are always looking for more help. Email us at
Is Moms Making Moves affiliated with any religion or political party?
No. Moms Making Moves does not have any political or religious affiliations. Our participants and volunteers come from various backgrounds. All are welcome. 
How can I keep up to date on Moms Making Moves programs and activities? 
We will update this website as often as possible, however, for the most up to date information and details, follow us on Facebook at
You can also follow us on Instagram at Moms Making Moves 2017.
What do I do if the family is not home?


Depending on the delivery and your comfort level, you can leave items outside. If you are not sure that is the best idea, contact your M3 point of contact.
I am trying to deliver and my Moms Making Moves point of contact is not answering
Sometimes it is easier to text because during a delivery period, we get a lot of calls.  If you are not getting a response you can also call or text the main Moms Making Moves number (803) 620-3287.
I drove to the house and do not feel safe. What should I do?
Our number one priority is your safety. If you feel unsafe or see something where someone else seems to be unsafe, call 9-1-1. If you feel uncomfortable delivering to the location, please contact
More questions? 
Contact us at or on Facebook !
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